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News & Announcements - 2016

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October 2016
  • This year's diwali celebration was held at Northwood community center. It was a full house! you can find some pictures taken this evening in the Photos and Videos section.
  • Ambalavanan Meenakshisundaram and Haripriya Muthuraman are happy to announce the arrival of their daughter Shivani Ambalavanan on October 8th at Mississauga. Congratulations!!
September 2016
  • Palaniappan Ramanathan and Meena Palaniappan are happy to announce the arrival of their daughter Tara Saraswathi Ramanathan on September 3rd at Grand River Hospital, Kitchener. Congratulations!!
August 2016
  • Pothu Padaipu: Around 40 Nagarathars gathered together for the warm occasion of Pothu Padaippu, at Chinna Meiyyappan and Sala Achi's residence in Brampton on August 21st.
July 2016
  • There was lots of fun in the sun for the 2016 CNS Summer Picnic, held at Erindale Park in Mississauga. Let's not forget how well-fed we were with all the delicious food that everyone provided. Hope everyone had fun, and have a wonderful "rest of the summer"! Please see a set of photos taken during the picnic in the "Photos & Video" section on this page.
  • The Bhajan for July took place at Dr. Kannan Annan and Valli Achi's home in Mississauga.
June 2016
  • CNS Father's Day celebration has been cancelled
May 2016
  • CNS celebrated Mothers day on May 8th @ Northwood Community Center. Over 55 nagarathars attended the event. Delicious food was prepared by all the dads. Best 2 items were selected and given prizes. Chinnameyyappan's Chicken gravy and Ganesh's Sambar sadham were the best of the lot. The event was organized by the social committee and MCed by Meena Palam. Three rounds of jigsaw puzzle game (mother's/wife's photo) for the kids and dads - Geetha Singaram, Banu Annamalai and Chittu Palaniappan won the 3 rounds respectively. There was a "Celebrate your mom! and surprise your wife!" session where all the families had great fun. Finally we had cake cutting by all the moms.
  • The Bhajan for May took place at Suppiah Annan and Meena Suppiah Achi's home in Markham.
April 2016
  • CNS celebrated Tamil New Year's day on April 17th @ Northwood Community Center. Over 90 nagarathars attended the event. As part of the celebrations we had 2 guest speakers who provided valuable information. Speaker 1 - Datoh Meiyappan Chettiar - Powerpoint presentation on "Nagarathar Kondu Vitha Kathai" and "Life After Retirement" Speaker 2 - "DR. Sethuraman Kumarappan" - Speech on nagarathar culture The event was organized and MCed by Meena Palam and Gandhimathi. Games like "en cycle o pedia", "photo va odi pidi" were conducted and the nagarathar had a wonderful time. Mr.Kannappan Manikam conducted an AV cine quiz. Delicious food was served at the end.
  • The Bhajan for April took place at Annamalai Annan and Bhanu Achi's home in Brampton.
  • Periyakaruppan and Meenakshi are happy to announce the arrival of their daughter Nethra Dheivanai Periyakaruppan on April 30th. Congratulations!!
March 2016
  • The Bhajan for March took place at Subi and Aruna's home in Mississauga.
  • Annamalai and Chitra are happy to announce the arrival of their daughter Shivani Gandhimathi Muthupalaniappan on March 26th. Congratulations!!
  • Nachiappan and Swarna are happy to announce the birth of their son Sai Siddharth on March 3rd. Congratulations!!
February 2016
  • The Bhajan for February took place at Subi & Aruna's home in Mississauga.
January 2016
  • This year's Murugan Abishekam, held at the Richmond Hill Temple on Bayview, on January 8th, 2016. Around 20 families attended the abhishekam.



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