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News & Announcements - 2018

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Chinnameyyappan & Sala hosted the bhajan for June.



May's bhajan was hosted by Dr. Kannan & Valli.

Tamil New Year and Mother's Day

Thank you all for taking part and attending our combined Tamil New Year and Mother's Day function at Erindale Community Hall, in Mississauga, on the 19th of May!

An April ice storm had forced the cancellation of the original New Year function, so this was a nice way to celebrate both events.

It was well attended, with around 100 members, including several new families joining us, which was nice to see.

To celebrate the New Year, a wonderful Thirukkural recital was done by the kids, with each child reciting a few lines from the poem, and giving an explanation of those lines.

Following this, were the talents of kids and adults, with dancing, magic tricks, a gymnastics routine, some singing, and piano keyboard playing.

After that, the kids participated in a "balloon popping" game, however, inside each one was a paper with instructions to do a chore for Mom!

Next, the question "Do you like Mexican food?" was posed. In a twist, those who answered yes were asked to come up to the stage to dance the Mexican Hat Dance. Thanks for your courage!

Afterwards was a sandwich-making contest for dads, with marks for presentation!

And in what can be a Mothers Day tradition, the kids came up to give hugs and roses to their moms!

Dinner was then served, and as usual, was very good.

Please see some great photos of the event.

Thank you all for attendance and assistance, to make it a successful and enjoyable function.

Looking forward to seeing all at the upcoming Pothu Padaipu and Summer Picnic!



The bhajan for April was held at Annamalai & Banu's home.



March's bhajan was held at the home of Jason & Sindhu.



The bhajan for February was held at Arun & Parvathy's home.

Family Day

Hope everyone enjoyed Family Day!

Around 50 adults and kids came for 5-pin bowling, at "Centre Bowling Lanes" in Mississauga, on February 18th.

Along with 2 rounds of bowling, pizza and starters were served for lunch.

Certainly, it is a nice change to have a "dress-down" event on the calendar.

Please see some cool photos of the event.

Thanks to all who helped to make this another enjoyable day!



The bhajan for January was held at Subi & Aruna's home.

Murugan Abhishekam

Happy New Year to all!

Hope all are keeping well.

Thanks to all who attended the Murugan Abishekham on Sunday, January 8th, at the Richmond Hill temple. What a nice way to start 2018!

In all, close to 50 people attended the function, done as an auspicious start for the new year.

Please see some nice photos of the event.

Thanks to all who attended, and to those who provided assistance and preparation, to make it a memorable and enjoyable function.




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Pothu Padaippu - Set 1Set 2

Tamil New Year and Mother's Day 

Family Day 

Murugan Abishekham 

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