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2010 - News & Announcements

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Dec 2010

  • This year's Pillayar Nonbu was held at the Northwood Community centre on Sunday, December 19, 2010. Please see message below from the incoming President, Pazhaniappan Venkatachalam (V Pal):

    "Dear Nagarathars,

    On behalf of the new office bearers I wish to thank all Nagarathars and their families who attended the Pillaiyar Nonbu function this past Sunday. 105 elais were distributed this year. Our sincere thanks to the organizers Sath Annamalai & Banu and Dr. Kannan Pethaperumal & Valli for making excellent arrangements, Janani Senthilnathan for booking the hall for the second year in a row, to all achis who prepared delicious chettinad food for the occasion and Valliappan Annan and Kannappan Annan who took the honour of distributing the elais and yelam items.

    Thanks to everyone for who actively participated in the yelam and a special thanks to all who generously bid and donated for a good cause. We have collected a record amount of $14,266 this year through the yelam. We acknowledge the donations made by the following members for the yelam: Sath Annamalai & Banu for donating a pattu saree, veshti, pillaiyar picture and boy / girl dresses, Dr. Yegappan & Muthulakshmi for the silver pillaiyar, Srinivasan & Meena for the kids dresses, Anand Viswanathan & Uma for their donation of $300 for the education fund.

    A special thanks to the past presidents, Sath Annamalai & Dr. Yegappan for conducting the election as per our CNS Bylaws in a democratic manner and to the past President, Dr. Kannan Pethaperumal and committee for completing a successful 2 year term. Thanks to our Secretary Subi Subramianan for conducting the bhajan and being the MC, our past treasurer Valli Adaikappan for collecting this year's membership fees from all present at the function and providing an update on the organization's finances.

    Thanks to Kannan Muthiah, Subi, Govind & Ramu for taking photos & videos of the event.

    I whole heartedly welcome the following committee members who have been elected for the first time (except Kay Achi).

    Dr. PL Kannappan

    Chinnameyyappan Narayanan

    Education Committee
    Kannathal Andiappan (Kay Achi)
    Mani Nagappan

    Social Committee
    Kannan Muthiah
    Valli Iyyappan

    Ramanathan Meenakshi-Sundaram

    NSNA Regional Secretary
    Ramanathan Sethuraman

    Youth Committee Members
    Lakshmee Annamalai
    Nandhaa Pazhaniappan
    Arthi Chinnameyyappan

    All the committee members readily accepted their nominations and are eager to serve our community for the next 2 years.

    Please look forward to the updates on our CNS web site for events and activities for 2011 and our proposed plans for the next 2 years.

    We whole-heartedly welcome the new members and I request all CNS members to participate actively and extend your fullest cooperation in the coming years.

    On behalf of CNS committee I wish you and your family a very happy & prosperous New Year 2011.

    Vazhga Valamudan

    Sincerely Yours,

    V Pal
    President - Canada Nagarathar Sangam"

Nov 2010

  • The Suppiahs are proud to annouce the birth of their grandson Ishaan Aryan Suppiah born on December 12, 2010. Both Shruthi and the baby are doing well.
  • A message to CNS members from C. Yegappan & S. Annamalai, past presidents of CNS:

    "The present CNS Committee is completing its two year term and the time has come to elect the new Committee.

    In accordance with a decision taken at the last General meeting, as past presidents of the CNS, we have been invited to call for nominations and oversee the election process. But, before we call for nominations, we are writing to you to find out if any of you are interested in any of the following positions:

    • President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Editor
    • Education Committee - 2 positions
    • Social Committee - 3 positions
    • Youth Coordinator - 2 positions
    Please note that the immediate past President, Secretary and Treasurer are not allowed to seek re- election for the same positions. They may contest for any of the other positions.

    As a community, we have had a great few years and it is important that we need to keep this organization together and grow it stronger than ever before. We need the involvement of all of the members and we encourage everyone who is eligible for nomination to put forward his or her name. CNS needs the active involvement of each and every member and support at this time.

    If you are interested in any one or more of the above positions, please send us an e-mail on or before December 5th, 2010."
  • This year's Diwali function truly sparkled with all the entertainment and delicious food! The evening began with the Nagarathar kids ringing in this year's Diwali with a heartfelt bhajan song. This was followed by our very own robo creation, Shangavi, in her self-choreographed dance number. The dads then took over the dance floor in a high energy dance routine with their daughters, who later danced to a melody of new hits. The closing act to our dance entertainment was the moms' fashion show, where they put their glamorous outfits on display! All the teen and adult dance routines were choreographed by Sindhu Suppiah. Lastly, the group was entertained by Annamalai and Subi's comedy routine parodying our daily lives. The hungry audience and performers were satisfied with delicious dinner! The night was a great success, a big thanks to the Social Committee. Photos of this event have been posted to the 'Photos' section within this page.

Oct 2010

  • "Muruga literally means - The Beautiful One. Where there is beauty, love shines, and where there is love, truth radiates. When we seek the truth, we get freedom. Lord Muruga is a symbol of eternal youth, wisdom and liberation. Muruga is the essence of the Trinity. 'Mu' stands for Mukunda (Vishnu), 'Ru' for Rudra (Shiva), and 'Ka' for Kamala (Brahma), therefore Muruga represents the three divine functions - creation, protection and destruction." - [Source: Astroved.com]. An abhishekam and homam was performed for Lord Muruga at the Hindu Temple in Richmond Hill on Friday, Oct 22, 2010. Several members attended this religious event that was paid for by CNS.
  • 150 excited ladies in one room and what do we have ... a Baby Shower for Shruti Suppiah on Saturday, October 16, 2010. This function was well represented by all communities including chettiars, punjabis and local friends. The guests enjoyed the traditional bangle ceremony, just that many of the ladies were very generous with applying kumkumam and chanthanam on her. Sindhu and Shanti did a great job organizing the games which was followed by a wonderful North and South Indian high tea. Credit goes to both moms for organizing this event. This was followed by a suprise 40th birthday party for Balan Manian. Quite the surprise for Balan who could not even think that his family would attempt to have two parties in one day. Lots of work but credit goes to friends and family who helped with redecorating the hall. The highlight of the party was the dance choreographed by Sindhu with her siblings and friends for her uncle titled 'money money money'. All of his siblings, father and friends were present which made it special for Balan. Lots of dancing followed by a scrumptious Malayalee and Sri Lankan dinner. Photos of this event have been posted to the 'Photos' section within this page.
  • Fifty students were selected for the CNS Education Scholarship this year. To view the list of successful candidates, click here.

Sep 2010

  • This month's bhajan was held at Banu and Annamalai's house.

Aug 2010

  • Sathya and Kannan hosted their daughter Iniya's first birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese on Sunday, August 29, 2010. The event was well attended and the kids had a blast! Photos of this event have been posted to the 'Photos' section within this page.
  • At 9:10 pm on Monday, August 16, 2010, Arjun Annamalai was born to proud and happy parents, Ganesh and Subathra, at Scarborough Grace Hospital, weighing 7 lbs, 2 oz. Both mom and baby are doing well.

Jul 2010

  • Meena and Srinivasan have been blessed with a baby girl "Divya", born on Thursday July 29th 2010 at 3.02 PM. Both baby and Meena are doing fine.
  • The CNS summer picnic was held at Niagara parks on the 17th of July. Over 60 members including children attended this event. There was plenty of food including BBQ. Although the picnic was organised by Yegappans and Subis, everyone pitched in and helped out in preparing the food, serving and finally cleaning up. The attendees had lots of fun playing cricket, volleyball and dodge ball. The men were inside the ring and got hammered by the ladies and vice versa. The weather co-operated and everyone had a good time. Next year's picnic volunteers are Janani Senthilnathan and Kalai Kannappan. Photos of this event have been posted to the 'Photos' section within this page.
  • Chittu and V Pal hosted this month's bhajan.

Jun 2010

  • The bhajan for this month was held at Vasantha and Raj Valliappan's house.
  • Father's Day was celebrated at Meena and Suppiah's house on Sunday, June 20th. The fathers were pampered with a BBQ lunch that was prepared by the ladies. Photos of this event have been posted to the 'Photos' section within this page.
  • Meena Srinivasan's baby shower was held at Solai & Ramu's house on Jun 12. It was a fairly large shower with over 60 guests attending the event. Meena's mum and dad were present for the event. During the ceremony the expectant mother was decked with colourful bangles, kungumam, santhanam and flowers. Arthi Chinnameyyappan hosted a game for the men and finally dinner was served. Photos of this event have been posted to the 'Photos' section within this page.

May 2010

  • Renganayaki Kannappan and Dr PL Kannappan hosted this month's bhajan.
  • On Sunday May 23rd, Chitra, Nandha, Annamalai, Chinnameyyappan, Sala, Ramu and Solai threw Palaniappan and Chittu a surprise 25th wedding anniversary celebration. This event was held at Chinnameyyappan and Sala's house where over 60 guests attended. The entertainment began with a hilarious skit parodying Chittu and V Pal's life, followed by a series of heartfelt speeches from Alagu, Anand, Sam T Sadaps and Annamalai. The group then enjoyed tasty delicacies prepared by the achis after which, Arthi and Valli Kannan entertained the guests with a series of short and funny games. Then, Chinnameyyappan read out a vazhthu and Chitra and Nandha made eloquent speeches dedicated to their parents. The entertainment ended with a slideshow with sentimental and comical pictures. The night culminated with the cake cutting ceremony, where the crowd was surprised to hear that it was also Chinnameyyappan and Sala's 15th wedding anniversary. So a heartfelt congratulations to both couples from the CNS families! Pictures from this event can be seen at the 'Photos' section.
  • Banu and Annamalai threw a baby shower this weekend (May 15th) for their daughter-in-law Subathra. The shower, attended by family and friends from Canada and US, took place at Annamalai's residence. Over 90 guests were present and everyone had a great time. Dinner was served after the event. Photos of this event have been posted to the 'Photos' section within this page.
  • We held our annual Mothers Day celebration on Sunday May 9th in Mississauga. The function began at 12:00 PM, with over 60 CNS members attending. Ensuring that the mothers felt comfortable and appreciated, the fathers and kids organized and prepared for the event. The event commenced with a bhajan song performed by the kids, who later shared their favorite qualities about their mothers. The youth then shared poems dedicated to their moms. Some of the adults took this opportunity to thank their moms. As a culmination to the entertainment, Balan and V Pal performed a comedic skit about cooking for the function. Lastly, Annamalai and Yegappan recollected moments with their mothers and reminded the gathering about their importance. While the dads and kids set up the food, the mothers enjoyed a game organized by Subi. We then indulged in a variety of traditional delicacies prepared by the dads and kids. Sindhu Suppiah and Janani Subi raised over $120 for the CNS Education Committee by selling beautiful hand painted gift boxes and pretty roses. Valli and Adaikappan generously sponsored the expenses of the hall. Photos of this event have been posted to the 'Photos' section within this page.
  • This year's CNS Education Scholarship is now open for applications from eligible Nagarathar students. Closing date for applications is July 31, 2010. Successful applicants will receive their cheques by the end of August 2010. If you have not heard from the CNS Education Committee by this date please assume your application has been unsuccessful.

Apr 2010

  • Uma and Anand hosted the monthly bhajan at their new home on Sunday, April 25th.
  • Tamil New Year was celebrated this year at Mississauga. Over 60 CNS members were present. The event started off at 11:00 AM with a prayer song by the kids followed by cultural activities including dance performances by both kids and adults, skits, storytelling and speeches. We were then treated to a sumptuous lunch that was catered. Photos of this event have been posted to the 'Photos' section within this page.

Mar 2010

  • This month's bhajan was held at Dr Kannan and Valli Kannan's house.

Feb 2010

  • The General Body Meeting was held at Mississauga on the last day of the month. Around 44 members were present. Several resolutions were deliberated in detail, voted upon and passed with a majority vote. The objectives and guidelines of the organisation were also discussed in detail, confirmed and passed. Photos will be published shortly.
  • Subi and Aruna hosted this month's bhajan.

Jan 2010

  • January's bhajan was held at Meena and Suppiah's house.




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