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2011 - News & Announcements

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Dec 2011

  • The final event of the year, Pillayar Nonbu, was held at the Northwood Community Centre on Friday, Dec 30, 2011. This event was organized by Sathya and Kannan & Chitra and Annamalai. The event started off with bhajans perfomed by both kids and adults. Our President, V Pal provided an update on the organizations finances as well as gave a vote of thanks. Over 125 ezhais were distributed this year to Nagarathars from Canada, the US and India following which an auction (yelam) was held. As usual V Pal performed the role of the auctioneer. We collected over $10,000 this year. The collected monies will mainly be used to fund Nagarathar kids education in India. The event came to a close with some delicious traditional Chettinad potluck dinner prepared by our achis. Photos of this event have been posted to the 'Photos' section within this page.

    The CNS Executive Committee wishes all its members and Nagarathars all over the world a Happy New Year - 2012.

Nov 2011

  • This month's bhajan was held at Vasantha Valliappan's house.

Oct 2011

  • Renganayaki Kannappan hosted this month's bhajan.
  • Canada Nagarathar Sangam would like to warmly welcome our newest members: Palaniappan and Visalakshi Meena, Alagappan and Alamu, Periakaruppan and Meenakshi.
  • Nagarathar families celebrated Deepavali this year at the Northwood Community Centre, Toronto. Sathya & Kannan and Valli & Iyyappan organized this fun-filled event. Over 80 people were in attendance to witness several cultural events. Children dressed up and spoke like Indian leaders, politicians, and other famous personalities. Their script was written by Sathya Kannan. Sindhu, Lakshmee, Shanghavi and Alagu entertained the audience with brilliant dance performances. Sathya Kannan organized a talk show for the adults and Kannan Muthiah conducted a game. The Youth Committee raised money for the Education Committee by selling Jasmine flowers. The flowers were donated by Banu and Annamalai. Dr. Andiappan and Kay Andiappan donated $250 towards this fund. The evenings festivities concluded with delicious pot-luck dinner. Photos of this event shot by Annamalai Muthupalaniappan have been posted to the 'Photos & Video' section.
  • Chockalingam and Muthu celebrated Thanksgiving Day at their new home in Vaughan. Several chettiar families participated in the celebrations. CNS members wish them all the best in their new home.

Sep 2011

  • An abhishekam and homam was performed for Lord Muruga at the Hindu Temple in Richmond Hill. Several CNS members attended this religious event. Photos of this event have been posted to the 'Photos & Video' section.

Aug 2011

  • This month's bhajan was held at Chittu Pazhaniappan's house.
  • Subathra and Ganesh celebrated the first birthday of their son Arjun Annamalai on August 21. Several families from Canada and the US participated in the celebrations which were held at the grand parents residence. Photos of this event have been posted to the 'Photos & Video' section.

Jul 2011

  • Sala Chinnameyyappan hosted this month's bhajan.
  • The Annual CNS picnic was held at famous High Park on July 23rd. This event was attended by over 60 members! The picnic was organized by Janani Senthilnathan and Kalai Kannappan. Members had the opportunity to experience some great summer games, delicious BBQ and Indian food, and some beautiful sights and weather! As usual, the parents and kids participated in some cricket, badminton, soccer, card games and some nature discovery walks! The event was a potluck style event highlighted by classic summer foods like corn on the cob, tandoori chicken and watermelon! Everyone enjoyed the event! The volunteers for the 2012 picnic are Raj Valliappan and Subi Subramanian. Photos of this event have been posted to the 'Photos & Video' section.
  • Issues with the Scholarship Application form have now been resolved. The education committee has decided to extend the date for receiving applications to Aug 31, 2011. [Updated: Jul 24, 2011]
  • The 2011 NSNA retreat was held from July 2nd to the 4th at the prestigious Patriots Theatre in Trenton New Jersey. The event garnered approximately 1200 attendees, who had the privilege to participate in and watch a variety of cultural programs, participate in debates, dances, game shows, and meditation sessions and reminisce with their family all across North America. The retreat offered a variety of activities and entertainment for individuals of all ages. Guests had the pleasure of having authentic and delicious Indian food during the event.

    The Canada Nagarathar Sangam members contributed to the entertainment at the event through the Kids Dance, Youth Dance and Adult Play. Alagu Viswanathan and Arthi Solaiappan danced to a medley of Indian songs. Their sharply controlled expressive movements along with their coordination, timing and energy were perfect. The Youth Dance, coordinated by Sindhu Suppiah, and danced by Sindhu, Lakshmee and Nandha was a true blast from the past, as it featured music from olden classics. The adult play followed the comic trials of the arrangement of a Chettiar marriage in the 1970s, accompanied by the appropriate music, costumes, set and comical characters. The play featured Anand, Annamalai, Balan, Banu, Chittu, Muthulakshmi, Unna, Valli, V Pal, Vasantha and Yegappan. The dance and skit were received extremely well by the audience!

    Subbu Lakshmanan and Arvind Ramanathan featured in a Youth skit. Subbu was later conferred the title of Mr. NSNA. Overall, the event was a complete success and we are looking forward to the next one in California! Photos and Videos of this event have been posted to the 'Photos & Video' section.

Jun 2011

  • This month's bhajan was held at Dr. Muthulakshmi Yegappan's house.
  • Issues with the Scholarship Application form have now been resolved - June 05, 2011.
  • This year's CNS Education Scholarship is now open for applications from eligible Nagarathar students. Closing date for applications is July 31, 2011.

May 2011

  • We held our annual Mother's Day celebration on Saturday May 21st in Mississauga. The event began at 11:00 am, with over 60 members attending. The mother's entertained themselves with makeovers provided by the youth. They were treated to new hairstyles, manicures and henna. This youth initiative was able to fundraise $170 for the CNS Education Committee. This was followed by the kids and youth speaking about why their mothers are special. Additionally, this year, mothers and fathers also recollected memories of their mothers and discussed their importance. This was an emotional and special moment as families were able to truly appreciate and celebrate their mothers. As with our annual tradition, the fathers and kids cooked up some delicious food for the event. They even shared their recipes with the ladies who were blown away by the taste, presentation and attention to detail. Photos of this event have been posted to the 'Photos & Video' section.

Apr 2011

  • Banu Annamalai hosted this month's bhajan.
  • The first CNS event of the year, the Tamil New Year function was held at Northwood Community Centre in Toronto on April 23rd. More than 90 people attended the event. Among the attendees were Nagarathars from the US, Dubai and India. Arthi Chinnameyyappan was the MC of this event. Multiple performances took place keeping the audience at the edge of their seats. The night started off with a welcome address by Nagappan followed by a speech on Tamil New Year by Dr. Yegappan. A play on Tamil Maadhangal was enacted by several kids and adults. Gandhimathi Nagappan and Sathya Kannan conceived and directed this play. The play was followed by Nandha Pazhaniappan and Sindhu Suppiah's graceful dance performance. Ramanathan Annamalai played a few melodious tunes on the recorder for the audience. This was followed by an amazingly choreographed dance by Alagu. The final event for the day was an hilarious skit performed by V Pal, Valli Adaikappan and Rajan Suppiah. A thank you speech by our very own President, V Pal, ended the days activities. A fully catered dinner was served at the end. Thank you to all the performers and organizers that made this event so memorable. It was certainly a great way to start off the year. Photos and videos of this event have been posted to the 'Photos and Video' section within this page.
  • Renganayaki Achi and Dr. PL Kannappan's grand daughter, Nila Palaniappan's Sadangu Ceremony was held on Saturday, April 2nd at Karaikudi Chettinad Restaurant. Several Nagarathars and family members from Canada, the US and India graced the occassion.

Mar 2011

  • The bhajan for March was hosted by Muthu Chockalingam.
  • Sethu and Viji were joined by several friends on Saturday, March 19th to celebrate daughter Shrinidhi's first birthday. The birthday party was held at Guelph. Shrinidhi was born on March 16, 2010.

Feb 2011

  • Dr. Aruna hosted this month's bhajan.

Jan 2011

  • The first bhajan for this year was hosted by Meena Suppiah.
  • Click here to see the 2011 calendar of events.



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