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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Welcome to Canada Nagarathar Sangam's website! For those who are visiting our site for the first time, canadanagaratharsangam.com is your window into a Nagarathar Community in Canada.

About Us


Canada Nagarathar Sangam (CNS) is a voluntary association of Nagarathars and their families resident in Canada. CNS is a not-for-profit organization. Most of our members are based out of Toronto, Canada.




The first Nagarathars arrived in Canada in the early seventies. Many of them came to different parts of Canada, primarily for higher education. Nagarathars started immigrating to Toronto from the early eighties, and started celebrating Pillaiyar Nonbu from 1987. The number of families in and around Toronto grew from three in 1987, to nearly 60 in 2008.

Canada Nagarathar Sangam was established in Toronto on December 14, 2002.



  1. To unite and promote the cultural identity of all Nagarathars in Canada.
  2. To promote the traditional values of Nagarathars, such as charity, spiritual life and righteousness among Nagarathar children.
  3. To provide financial assistance to Nagarathars, specifically for education, old age homes, marriage, medical help and any other welfare needs.
  4. To provide support to new Nagarathar immigrants in Canada.
  5. To hold events that reflect and promote the cultural identity and values of Nagarathars, but at the same time, not ignoring the culture of the society we live in.
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Nagarathars and their spouses who are residents of Canada are eligible to join the association.

Membership is $50 per family, as well as for employed, new immigrant families. Membership is $30 for those that are single and employed.

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