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January 2023

Pillaiyar Nonbu


CNS Pillaiyar nonbu function was held on Jan 7, 2023 (Sunday) at Sringeri Vidya Bharathi Foundation. On behalf of the CNS committee, we would like to thank Nagasubramaniam Kumarappan & Meenakshi and Palaniappan Vairam Sarathy & Swedha families for an outstanding job in planning and executing the 2022 Pillaiyar Nonbu function. Over 200 people attended this great function and enjoyed the delicious food prepared by the achis. We would like to thank Sethuraman Nachiappan & Nirmala and Arun Sundaram & Karthika families for agreeing to organize the 2023 Pillayar Nonbu function.

At Pillaiyar Nonbu, our small but generous members raised a record setting amount this year of $29,503 for education scholarships.. Thanks to V.Pal for a great job in running the Ellam, thanks to everyone who sponsored the ellam items and most of all, thanks to the generous CNS members for graciously contributing to education scholarships.


Summer Picnic

CNS picnic was held on a bright and sunny day on August 13th at Erindale Park, Mississauga. The event was well attended by over 100 members with many new families joining us. The picnic started with a bang with Barbeque and welcome drinks. Adults and Kids had lots of fun playing games like Airport, Steal the Bacon etc. to burn off the calories . All that hard work, made us ravenously hungry & we were treated to a sumptuous and delicious potluck lunch. We relaxed under the shady trees and took strolls along the river catching up with friends. Kids enjoyed splashing in the water to stay cool.. We had a high tea with tasty samosas, cakes and coffee in the evening before winding up. After two years, everyone enjoyed the picnic with great weather, good food and wonderful company all along!!


Mother's Day

The Mothers day event was conducted on May 7 at Sringeri Vidya Bharathi Foundation. Around 120 people attended the event. The event started with a devotional song sung by Navya Meenakshi Nallan, followed by an inaugural speech by our President Raj Valliappan. As a start, we handed over some sheets to moms,dads and the kids. Asked every mom to write some clues about them which are least known by their families and collected. Asked all the kids to blow the balloon and put chits on the balloon. Read out the clues and asked to find out whose mom it is, and asked mom to stomp the balloons to get their gifts and a sash describing her in her best. We presented a wallet for all the moms as the mothers day gift from CNS. Our kids performed an acapella performance along with Ganesh Annamalai on Keyboard and guided by Lakshmanan Perichiappan as the dedication to all the moms. Kannathal Kannappan danced for Uyirum Neeye song which was sung by Lakshmanan Perichiappan with Ganesh Annamalai on Keyboard. Little boys performed for "Jolly o Gymkana" and the girls squad danced for the "Thom Karuvil Irunthom" song. We also celebrated the baby shower for Rohini and Karuppanchetty Family. We had a scrumptious potluck meal. The program ended with a group photo.

Thanks to all the CNS members who attended the event and made it a grand success.


Murugan Abhishekam

Hello Nagarathars, Thank you to the CNS Members for making Murugan Abhishekam a grand success. We had over 100 people attending the event and many people contributed generously for this function. Some of the funds were provided by CNS members without sponsoring any abhishekam items and it is great to see the generosity of the Canadian Nagarathars. Many people worked behind the scenes to make this function a grand success. Many thanks to V. Pal for arranging the Murugan abhishekam with the temple and handling all the logistics. Scheduling a large function at Richmond Hill Temple is not an easy task as you have to deal with many volunteers who do not make any decisions. With larger than anticipated attendance at the function, we had to make a last minute increase in Prasadam orders which the temple did not agree to initially. V. Pal worked with the temple to ensure that each family received one order of each Prasadam. Thank you, V. Pal, for all of your hard work. Prasadam was put in containers and packed in plastic bags by CNS members during the function. We thank all of the volunteers for their efforts. Thanks to all of the people for preparing the Abhishekam items prior to the function at the temple and thanks to Subi for leading the Bhajan. We would like to acknowledge all of the people’s efforts for making this function a grand success.

We also would like to thank all the CNS members who voluntarily bought items for abhishekam. Once again thanks to all CNS members for attending this event and making it a grand success. Best Regards, Raj Valliappan on behalf of the CNS committee

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